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Deck Your Nails: Julep Challenge

So last week I had an email from Julep challenging me to do some holiday art inspired by everything I am loving to wear this season. They sent me a little cute tutorial which I will add at the end of my post for you to check out. I am never one to pass on a challenge so I decided to give this ago, being from the UK I don’t have much experience with Julep as a brand but I’ve seen reviews of their polishes and they come out with some very unique looking ones in their long rectangle bottles. Looking at their new color page Anise, Illga or Eva would be great choices if you wanted to recreate this manicure!


One of my favourite things about the holidays is that you can go as bold and blingtastic as you like and it totally gets you in the party mood. Gold is my favourite metallic, especially this time of the year. Whether it’s bags or nails, it goes with just about everything. So, here is my mani with my new gold lock necklace wrapped around it. I used a base of a deep wine polich on my pinky and index and then added on tatters of gold leaf – gold leaf and golf leaf top coats are super luxe and go wonderfully over all of the seasons classic jewel tones.

NailsInc5My outfit of the month features these tartan PJ bottoms – yep, that’s right, when December rolls around I love nothing more than a cosey night in! Baby, it’s cold outside! Just because I am in my jammies doesn’t mean my nails are going to be boring though and nor should yours be! To channel one of the top nail trends of the year, negative space, I stamped my wine colour over bare nail (using the large dots pattern on MoYou Pro XL, you could also do these using a dotting tool). Yes, I am sorry my nails are a little bit stained but it wasn’t anywhere near as noticeable in person (if you have this problem just use a couple of sheer coats of a nude before you dot!). I thought the little dots kind of looked like baubles or lots of red noses, cute right?! Finally, always on trend every Christmas and holiday season: love (sorry, cheesey I know!), to symbolise this I added a little golden heart shaped stud as a final accent and to tie the nails all together.


Everything got some topcoat and I was finished! I thought this mani was cute and festive – if unlike me you enjoy going out in December, this manicure would look perfect with your favourite little black dress! Below is the great tutorial from Julep – which is also a red and gold mani, this time a lovely glitter half moon – you could easily swap out either the gold leaf nails or the dotty nails to mix and match their style with mine! I’d like to thank Julep for inviting me to do this challenge, I hope you guys like what I have come up with! I’d love to hear about peoples recommendations for Julep polishes and also if you have a favourite gold or red nail polish –  just leave me a comment below!

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One comment on “Deck Your Nails: Julep Challenge

  1. Lisa N.
    December 16, 2014

    This is cute!

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