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Stephanie Says…New Years Resolution

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Hi everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed their timeoff and had a great holiday! Well, we know it is that time year again to break out all the New Year’s Resolutions.  This year I challenge everyone to do something different and go outside the box. Instead of the “I want to lose weight” New Year’s Resolution, because let’s face it, most of us fail at it let’s actually make a commitment that is really going to benefit ourselves and each other!

This year my New Year’s Resolution isn’t to lose weight or any of the stereotypical goals.  My goals for this year are to help myself and the people around me.  I want to learn more life lessons and focus on my inner self, help change a person’s life for the better, and learn a new language.

My goals in the past have always been losing weight and become a better person but I never implemented a plan.  I think that is why I would always fail.  This year was different.  2014 taught me some hard lessons.  I also proved to myself and everyone around me what I can handle.  I learned to never fool yourself.  You think you’re happy but if something is bothering you deep down then you need to figure out what it is and nip it in the bud.  I finally realized what I wanted out of life which is LIFE.  I want to live a happy, stress-free life.  Don’t we all?  I’m not saying I figured it out but I know I am on the right path.

It started with the typical New Year’s Resolution with losing weight.  When visiting family in Los Angeles, I thought I was confident and basically thought I was the shit.  When I arrived home and looked back at all the pictures, I was just fooling myself.  So I started my journey and I’m EXTREMELY proud to announce that I lost 80 pounds!  It was a rough start and painful journey with going to the gym on a weekly routine and measuring my food out but look at my outcome!  I will never go back to the girl I was before.  I cannot get over how much happier I am now.  I did not realize how hard I was trying to convince myself that I was happy.

Next lesson I learned was about friends and the people around you.  I had friends/co-workers/acquaintances that I felt I would have to walk on eggshells when I was around them.  I couldn’t say my opinion without getting a nasty back comment from them, so one day I finally  said “FUCK IT” (you know being a Jersey Girl and all) I grew a pair of balls, told them how I felt and distanced myself. When that happened I felt the biggest weight was lifted off of my shoulders.  It was amazing.  With the people I meet now, you either love or hate me.  I learned that not everyone is going to like me and that is ok!  You cannot please everyone! You need to put you needs first and make yourself happy!! This was one of the hardest lessons for me to learn but I needed for this to happen.  My life all around is better without those “negative Nancy’s”!! You gotta cut out the cancer!

Lastly what I learned this year is when life throws bullshit your way, grab your shovel and tackle it head on!  Life is a bitch and she does not care what is going on in your personal bubble.  I had a lot of family drama, money drama (ya know with buying a brand new car and a house in the same day!  Yes, the exact, same day!), even relationship issues.  I learned I need to step back from the situation, think and analyze before I speak then take charge with whatever issue was going on.  You know what?  It worked!  I’m still here telling you all about it!  No one got hurt when the bullshit was coming at me a mile a minute it just made me stronger!

I learned so much in 2014 that 2015 should be interesting.  I really want to learn to be more giving, learn patience and really focus on myself so I can help the people around me.  In addition, I want to challenge myself and really learn and perfect my Spanish speaking skills!  Who knows maybe in 2016 my goal will be visiting Spain to test out my Spanish!

Whatever you decide to do for 2015 I wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year.

This has been a great year for Stephanie Says.  Thank you for everyone’s support!


Happy New Year Everyone!





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2 comments on “Stephanie Says…New Years Resolution

  1. Jessica W.
    December 30, 2014

    A hearty congratulations for losing 80 pounds, but most importantly, becoming happier with who you are. 🙂

  2. Lisa N.
    December 30, 2014

    Nice resolutions for 2015! I don’t really have any, my main one is just to be happy and healthy.

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