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My Stash: Zoya

Zoya1NEW FEATURE! I thought I would share with you my stash even though it continues to grow exponentially – these posts are not meant as a brag, almost all of these polishes have been bought by me (or for me)… this is just for anyone curious (and/or nosey) 🙂 I am sorry this isn’t in video form but I don’t have a set up I am super happy with right now… it is something I hope to work on this year. So here we go, starting with one of my smaller brand collections: Zoya. I have copied the notes from the Zoya website but will add my own commentary.


Zoya9cAutumn can be best described as a varnished copper liquid metal.

This is one of my newest Zoya’s and was a Birthday present from a friend who definitely knows me too well. I haven’t had chance to wear this yet but it is insanely beautiful on my swatch wheel and I am SUPER excited to try it out. Those golden flecks really twinkle against the copper. This took 2 coats on the swatch wheel.


Zoya9bChanning can be best described as a rusty or coppery red metallic. Gorgeous and sultry color!

This is one of the Zoya’s I bought myself and I actually didn’t love it when I first got it – it just didn’t wow me compared to some of the others I had. That said it is a beautiful polish much more orange than Autumn and without the golden flecks, lovely foil polish opaque in 2 coats.


Zoya9aDaulcan be best described as a medium red-toned purple base with heavy purple and gold iridescent metallic sparkle. The shiny gold sparkle makes this shimmering purple polish extra bright and lively

Daul is my Arabian princess polish – it is just magical with its purple base and GORGEOUS cold gold shimmer. This does have a slightly sheer formula but builds up in 3 coats (totally worth it too). I definitely have not used this polish enough.


Zoya9Edytacan be best described as a complex mixture of gold, olive, blue-green and smoky grey with a sparkling metallic finish. A dark shade balanced with sparkle for a dramatic look.

This is a lovely alternative to black with a little bit of fizz from that shimmer I wore this last week with some plaid pattern stamping (not sure why I didn’t take any pictures…). I think this would be a good polish year round but definitely a great option for winter! This is another 2 coater.


Zoya8Elkecan be best described as: A bold, bright pink-toned red that leans toward coral with strong golden shimmer. An everyday red shimmer for all skin tones.

I think of this as a pink polish and it is super pretty with the golden shimmer, it is more hidden in this polish than in the others but definitely adds dimension to this colour. This is a 2-3 coater and going to be coming out a lot for spring/summer this year I think.


Zoya7Mimi…can be best described as a royal purple sparkling metallic with cool undertones.

Another showstopper – I think this polish started my conversion to liking purple polishes. This polish for me is all about the party and always makes me think of Mimi from RENT – Let’s go ouuuuuuuuut tonight! Another 2 coater. I don’t think Zoya does bad formulas to be honest.
Note: Swatch photographed waaay too blue. This is a royal purple 100% which of course means my camera hates it. 



Zoya6Muse…can be best described as a blue raspberry holographic fizz with a subtle vein of gold. This shade features the exclusive liquid-metal holographic jelly formula with 2 coat coverage. 

Another brand new polish for my collection – this is mermaid in a bottle and beautiful. I can report it is not a dupe for the Barrym from the Glitterati collection although if you can’t afford or get hold of the Zoya then that is a reasonable alternative. This is a little sheer but builds up nicely or could be layered over other blues and colours for fun effects.


Zoya5Nidhi…can be best described as a fire-engine red with a subtle metallic shimmer.

I was going through a major red craze around the time I was buying my Zoyas – this is super pretty and the shimmer is blue-gold duochromeyness. This is quite similar to OPI Love Athletes in Cleats from the MLB collection but the shimmer is much more pronounced in this polish. Another 2 coater.


Zoya4Payton…can be best described as a full-coverage, galactic cranberry with holographic glitter

Can we drool for a moment? I don’t think this is cranberry, I think this is more of a berry or wine colour but so vampy and that scattered holographic… LOVE IT. Good in 2-3 coats and just beautiful. I think this would be very chic all year around.


Zoya3Tamsen…can be best described as: Medium warm brick red with strong orange tones with an opaque cream finish.  A special red that is both enticing and mysterious.

I actually bought this polish for the name as my sister’s name is Tamsin and I think this is as close as I am going to get to a polish with her name. Perfect brick red creme – I used it for my banksy manicure and I think this is a great shade. I don’t think I have a dupe for this but there are a lot of these reds out there now so plenty of options if you can’t get hold of this one.


Thandie…can be best described as a full-coverage, citrus orange cream.

I don’t like this polish. Well… I think it’s very pretty but the formula whenever I’ve worn it just hasn’t applied nicely for me and the dry time wasn’t great and yeh. This is the only Zoya polish I have ANY complaints about. I have a lot of problems with orange cream polishes so maybe it’s just because it’s a problem colour or maybe I need to give it another go. It applied fine on the wheel in 2 coats.

Are there any Zoya polishes you think are must haves? For anyone wondering when I do buy Zoya myself I get them from www.tnbl.co.uk – Zoya are pricey here in the UK but they do lots of offers across to pond so if you’re in the US this is definitely a brand you should be checking out and falling in love with!


9 comments on “My Stash: Zoya

  1. Lisa N.
    January 5, 2015

    Nice collection of Zoya polishes you have!

  2. Emma
    January 5, 2015

    😀 The only one I would skip personally is Thandie – all the rest are gorgeous!! 😀 I enjoyed this post a lot! 🙂 xxx

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  4. theworldofcos
    January 13, 2015

    Payton is so pretty!

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