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My Stash: A England


Last week I shared my Zoya stash and this week I thought I would share with you the largest indie collection I have: A England. I have to say a few of these were gifted to me by nail addict and friend Cazzy (Special Girl Nails), but a few were bought with my own money direct from A England. I am very much impressed with the quality of these polishes and think that A England is top of it’s game for super chic brand identity. They are a luxury polish when full price (RRP £9) but if you love them and get the use out of them then in a way the amount of money you spend is justified (think of all those £3-4 polishes that you have used once and never will again).


AEaPrincess Sabra was my first ever A England polish and I bought it when it was on one of their polish of the month offers which brings the price down to £6. This is a beautiful soft olive green with scattered holographic that applies beautifully in 1-2 buttery coats.

I think of this as a pretty neutral polish and I would definitely wear it in an office environment for something a little bit different but not flashy or offensive.

I have heard a few people don’t get great wear time out of A England polishes but I will be honest and say I have never noted a massive problem with this.



AEbFonteyn is my all time favourite holographic polish and I have worn this lots in all sorts of different ways including as a stamping polish. It is soft, ethereal and just plain pretty. It has a very slight purple undertone which sets it aside from a standard silver scattered holo. Like Princess Sabra the polish applies very well in 2-3 coats. I am actually half way through my bottle and really want to pick up another one: I paid full price for this polish and have absolutely no regrets.

Ok, take your time to look at that swatch, click it for a bigger version. Just how lovely is this polish?! This is from the ballet collection which included other soft toned silvery scattered holos. I want them all… #pleasekyle?


AE4AEcDragon is a classic green with the same scattered holographic with the same consistent formula at the other two polishes. I haven’t worn this polish much but not for any particular reason, I guess I don’t reach for green polish very often. I think this is a gorgeous shade for the cooler months and into the spring. I think this shade of green will suit all skin tones as it is such a classic colour that doesn’t pull too far in any direction.

The holographic in these polishes is not the most extreme but it just adds an extra dimension of magic. This polish and Princess Sabra come from the Legend collection which is inspired by the classic tale of George and the Dragon.
AE2AEfBridal Veil is the last of these scattered holo polishes and is a coal black polish. This one definitely needs two coats but is a great incarnation of the black holographic polish family. Really nice for when you want a twist on plain black or perhaps as a base for a galaxy manicure? I still haven’t done one of these manicures… any tips?

I just can imagine the text from Star Wars scrolling up over this swatch… I am sorry these are just basic swatch wheel swatches again, I’ve been super busy recently and just haven’t had time to sit and swatch these polishes on my actual nails.



AEdTess of the D’urbervilles is a black jelly/crelly base with subtle emerald shimmer – I was disappointed in this polish, that shimmer/glitter is really hidden but it is nice when it does catch the light. This is from the Gothic Beauties collection and I really like the inspirations behind these polishes so I will forgive the fact the colour is hidden – kind of like a secret garden… ooo that gives me an idea for a manicure.

One other thing – you need topcoat on this polish to bring out the shine as it dries a little bit dull without it.



AE6AEeOphelia (from the same collection as Tess) is very much the same concept but with purple instead of emerald; that said the colour is even more secretive in this than Tess. You definitely just look like you’re wearing black nail polish unless you’re staring at your nail under a very bright light.

If I was going to tell you to pass on any of these polishes it would be this one – nothing wrong with the formula in terms of application I just find the finish pretty meh and TOO subtle.

So, what do you think? Are there any A England polishes I should check out? Would you like to see any of these in action some time soon? Let me know with a comment below! A England polishes can be found HERE on the official website and there are a number of sellers around the world for those not in the UK!


14 comments on “My Stash: A England

  1. Lisa N.
    January 13, 2015

    Great stash of A England polishes you have. I don’t believe I own a color from them.

  2. MO
    January 13, 2015

    Princess Sabra looks amazing. I don’t own any! Not one. I need to change that x

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  4. Catherine Dream
    January 29, 2015

    I’m recently SO into my aenglands ; )

    Dragon is awesome, and have you tried Sabra mattified?

    • Pocket Money Polishes
      January 29, 2015

      No I haven’t – I don’t really matte often cause the topcoat I have smells god awful. I just bought a new one though so maybe it is time to #matteallthethings

      • Catherine Dream
        January 29, 2015

        Haha, #matteallthings made me cackle. And I’m VERY sick and poorly, so thank you for that : )
        What’s the one you had and the new one?
        I used to use an Inglot one (but I matte things VERY rarely, I dunno why hm) and now I have a picture polish and its a good one.

      • Pocket Money Polishes
        January 29, 2015

        Awwwwww feel better girlie

      • Catherine Dream
        January 29, 2015

        Thank your < 3 My doctor put me on a dosage of antibiotics that basically either cures me or kills me.

      • Pocket Money Polishes
        January 29, 2015

        We’ll hope for cure! I had a matte topcoat from H&M before and now have one from barrym 😀 yay for cheapies 😛

      • Catherine Dream
        January 29, 2015

        Haha, I do love barry m though, yay for cheapies is right. : )

      • Catherine Dream
        January 29, 2015

        And also, I have SNIFFED a h&m polish once and NOTHANKYOU.

      • Pocket Money Polishes
        January 29, 2015

        The others I have are Ok just the matte topcoat reeks

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