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Stephanie Says… Go Away Winter!

I don’t know about you guys but it is freezing in Jersey!  The weather has dropped to the single digits.  Most schools and offices had a delayed opening on Monday due to ice.  I am ready for winter to go away but I know that is not happening anytime soon so here are my ways I can keeping warm this winter!

First up, long johns! For the past week I have been wearing long johns and thank God I have because when it is seriously 7 degrees out, you will wear anything to keep warm.  I just ordered these new long johns from Jockey.  My boyfriend has a few pairs and swears by them!  I cannot wait to get mine and see how warm they keep me! Plus they look super comfy and you won’t be able to tell you are wearing them.  Plus they are on sale for $14.99!  Can’t beat that!

Jockey Long John Shirt


Jockey Long Johns


Next, texting gloves.  I’m sure everyone has a pair of texting gloves these days but a very good friend of mine introduced me to these gloves.  They are super warm, you can actually text in them, and the best part they have a pocket!  If you are running in the store you can throw your credit card/ money and you can grab and go.  Online they have basic colors but if you go into Lord N Taylor they have girlie colors. Another great plus about these gloves… these babies are on sale!!

Echo Gloves


Did you every think about hand knitting your own scarf and thought it would take too much time and effort?  Well look no further because the new way to knit a scarf is with your arm!!  It take about 30 minutes to knit yourself a huge infinity scarf.  I have yet to try this since my grandma and my mom legit knit and no lie I have about 15 knitted scarves but this whole process looks super cool and easy.  Best part is you can make it your own.  Pick out your own colors and determine the length that works best with you.  I did find this on Pinterest. This girl is clever! http://www.handimania.com/knit/30-minute-infinity-scarf.html

Raspberry Liqueur

Now my favorite part of keep warming this winter… BIG GIRL HOT COCO! Again, I wish I could take credit for this but my lovely Aunt introduced this big girl hot coco to me a few years ago.  Take your favorite hot chocolate mix and make it like you normally do.  Once you stir the coco mix… wait for it…. Wait for it… add Chambord (or any raspberry liqueur).  It is delish!! Best beddy-bye drink ever!  Keeps you nice and warm and the alcohol will put you right to sleep!  AMAZING!  You really want to make it a decanted dessert drink? Try it with Godiva (Milk or Dark) Chocolate Hot Coco mix.  YUM!! Turn the fire place on, curl under the blanket and sip into relaxation.  Hmmmmm… I think I know what I will be doing tonight!

Godiva Hot Coco



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One comment on “Stephanie Says… Go Away Winter!

  1. Lisa N.
    January 14, 2015

    Its pretty cold where I live but no snow though. I like the colder weather compared to the hot but I did wish it would warm up a bit.

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