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Vibrant Tiger Print

Today was meant to be another chapter in the stash post but I couldn’t decide on which brand to do and the day seemed to disappear without me! So here is what I did on my nails late last night (please excuse the less than perfect clean up, it was after midnight).

To fight back my mani block I am literally doing whatever I feel like on my nails… when the mood strikes me. I saw an orange/blue gradient on some artwork earlier in the evening and instantly thought “ooo that would look great on nails with animal print”. Better late than never I decided to just do it on my nails while I was feeling inspired.


I started with a base of 1 coat of OPI Alpine Snow – normally I would use two for nail art but since this is just a base to help the colours pop it doesn’t need to be a perfect application, it will be covered up very shortly. Also, by doing just one coat it will dry much quicker meaning you can get on to your gradient without too much downtime. I cut up a piece of makeup sponge (nothing very special) to approximately the diagonal length of my longest nail and added China Glaze Papaya Punch (an orange with a lot of yellow in its base) to one end and OPI Just Groovy (aqua sky blue, a less dusty version of I Can’t Find My Czechbook) to the other. I then patted this across my nail (I needed two applications for perfect coverage and good blending). Some people dampen their sponges before use to prevent them from absorbing lots of polish, I haven’t had a problem with this but it could make a difference to you, so though I would mention it. Remember to let your sponged layers dry so that the tacky polish doesn’t rip up your sponge! Because it was late and I was feeling lazy I didn’t lay down anything to make the clean up easier (such as PVA, Liquid Latex etc) but I would always recommend doing this as in the long run it does save a lot of time and also protects your skin from any colour staining (which is entirely possible with heavily pigmented reds, blues and greens).  I chose to do my gradient at different angles just to mix it up a bit.


For the stripes I used the image from BPL 006 (which was sent to me for review, you can see more about this plate HERE on yesterdays post). I didn’t mean to use the same plate but this was actually my only plate with tiger stripes (I know, I KNOW!).. You can free hand tiger stripes fairly easily but as said late night and lazy means stamping to me. Now, the flaws in this stamping are because I was scraping the design in the wrong direction, I found the image worked better scraping horizontally rather than vertically. I used Konad Special Polish Black and the MoYou Double Ended StamperI finished everything up with one coat of topcoat. I have to say the imperfections are really not noticeable to the naked eye and this is a really fun mani! I did use the same stretch technique as described yesterday with no problems for my thumbs.



Not seasonal and not to everyones tastes but just what I wanted! So what do you think? I’ve love to hear your tips on gradients and manis you like to do when you’re not feeling “it”.


3 comments on “Vibrant Tiger Print

  1. Jessica W.
    January 20, 2015

    Love the colors you’ve used here! I tend to go very simple when I’m not feeling it.

  2. Lisa N.
    January 21, 2015

    So fun and vibrant! These would be perfect to wear in the summer.

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