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K is for Kitchen Sink (or Kitschy)

This week we actually had two options for our theme because I know not everyone likes skittle manicures or manicures with lots of elements (which is totally fine) however after focussing on simple manicures this week I decided to go full force and cram in as mani techniques, brands, finishes as I could. I did limit my colour scheme in the hope of making a manicure that still worked as a whole mani – let me know if you think I managed it with a comment below!


So here are the polishes I used this week –

  1. OPI Haven’t The Foggiest (silver)
  2. OPI Bouquet of Violents (purple, dupe for Funky Dunky)
  3. La Femme Silver Glitter (silver)
  4. Moyra Holographic 256 (pink)
  5. Barrym Lady (texture white)
  6. Barrym Matt White (I think I also used OPI Alpine Snow, but the two are interchangeable good formula whites)
  7. P2 Sand Style Lovely (texture purple)

None of these are super duper unique but all worked really well for what I wanted!


Here is what I did with them! It is super girly and not at all my normal style but I had a lot of fun combining all the different bits and pieces. So for my thumb I just did two coats of Moyra 256 – I was going to stamp this with a white swirly pattern but I never got around to it. Stamping is one of the only techniques which didn’t make it into this manicure!

So the next thing to do is paint the index, middle and pinky finger with a white base, the ring finger with one coat of OPI Haven’t The Foggiest. The next thing is to water marble the middle finger, your white base doesn’t have to be super dry to do this so this is the perfect next step. I added drops of Haven’t The Foggiest, Bouquet of Violets, Moyra 256 and Alpine Snow and swirled it all up.


The next thing I did was add a second coat of white to my pointer finger. Then I took some silver holographic foil and applied this to Haven’t The Foggiest on my ring finger; by this point the polish is dry enough that it won’t smudge but will still be at the right point to attract the foil to it. I don’t have foil glue so this is why I do it this way. Now I did my clean up on my middle finger and added a coat of La Femme Silver Glitter (which represents glitter in this manicure!).

Next up was my dotticute – this is just random dots going down the nail in Bouquet of Violets, Haven’t The Foggiest and Moyra 256. I was really pleased with how this nail turned out as dotticures scare me… A LOT.


Finally, attention turned to my pinky which was now fully dry and I sponged on a gradient of Lovely and Lady. Yes, my pinky nail is very short at the moment *sniff*. Whilst this was drying I freehanded some flowers in white acrylic on top of my foil and water marble, I then added doodly lines in a dark grey acrylic – all using my fine detail brush. These don’t have to be perfect and so are really easy and quick to do. I did add some China Glaze Wanderlust to the flowers on my ring finger… just remembered about that, just a hint of pink to tie them in with the rest of the hand. To the center of the larger flower on my water marble nail I added a little black oil slick rhinestone.

Final step was topcoating everything and applying one more layer of gradient to the pinky. TAAA DDAAAAA! I did literally through a little bit of everything I could think of nail art wise and tried to use a polish from every type of finish. This manicure took me a little bit longer than it should have as I actually had a different design on my middle finger but decided it didn’t work and swapped in the watermarble but I amended my description to be the most logical order and time aware version of this mani possible!

As ever don’t forget to check out what everyone else has been up to using the froggy inlinkz link below AND there is a full archive available (with link to our instagram hashtag) HERE. Hope you’re all having a good week! ❤


6 comments on “K is for Kitchen Sink (or Kitschy)

  1. Jessica W.
    January 22, 2015

    I adore how your middle finger came out, but the whole look is so cohesive together!

    • Pocket Money Polishes
      January 22, 2015

      Thank you 😀 😀 I tried SOOOO hard. I foresee some plainer nails in my future though hehe

  2. Lisa N.
    January 22, 2015

    What a fun manicure that is. Loving the gradient with the textures on the pinky.

  3. Tracey
    January 22, 2015

    Stunning, pretty and delicate 🙂 xx

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