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Stephanie Says… Top 5 Things I Love At the Moment


Here are my top 5 things I cannot get enough of at the moment. Seriously these top 5 things make my day a little brighter!

Lyfe Tea1. Morning Tea- This isn’t your run of the mill tea, it’s technically a detox tea but you would never know. I drink this bad boy every morning and I cannot live without it! It comes in a 14 or 28 day supply and I can’t wait to order more! It wakes me up, curbs my appetite and the flavor alone is amazing. I normally need 2 fake sugars (Splenda, Equal, Sweet n Low, etc) with some milk but not this tea! If I could I would drink this tea all day long. It is that good! There is a night time tea that goes along with it but I’m not going to lie…not the biggest fan of it. I do have to say drinking the morning tea alone I still see results! Want to drop those annoying last 5-10lbs?! Drink this tea!!!! Another great perk about this tea is that they normally run a promotion so you can get at least 10-15% off!


2. Sugar- I’m not talking about sugar that put you put in your coffee or in cake. I’m too health conscious for that! I’m talking about “Sugar” from Maroon 5! I am not a Maroon 5 fan thanks to the radio. Once their new song hits mainstream the radio just plays the crap out of it and that’s when I get sick of them. I have to say, the radio hasn’t done that to “Sugar” (just yet) and I cannot get enough! I love the lyrics of the song. It is a modern love song. I can go on and on about this song. I can’t get enough. I’m actually playing it right now!


no cell phone3. Becoming Independent from my Phone- This technically isn’t a “thing” but recently I have been trying to become less dependent from my cell phone. I have to say it is the best thing ever! I do not carry it with me everywhere I go. I actually turned it off…. YES! I turned my phone COMPLETELY off this weekend. It was awesome!!!! I am spending quality time with my boyfriend and actually paying attention to what he is saying. Even though I have only been doing it for a few days, it seems like my life is less stressful. If the world is coming to an end I think I can figure it out without my cell phone.

Homeland4. Homeland- I know I am behind the times but my boyfriend and I started watching Homeland a few weeks ago and Holy Moly! What an awesome show! I cannot get enough! We are finally on season 4 and I finally understand all the hype it was getting when it first came out! If you like CIA, mystery, crime solving this show is for you! You think you have the show figured out then BAM! They hit ya with the unexpected! Run and download the series now!

5. C.O Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine Cinnamint- Did you know that cinnamon is a natural lip plumper? My good friend introduced this lip gloss/chap stick to me a few weeks ago and I love it! You can get it at Bath and Body Works. It makes your lip shiny, can freshen your breath when you are in a pinch, and it does slightly make your lips a smidge bigger.


As always thank you for reading Stephanie Says!


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2 comments on “Stephanie Says… Top 5 Things I Love At the Moment

  1. Lisa N.
    January 29, 2015

    Great to know what you’ve been loving recently!

  2. Catherine Dream
    January 29, 2015

    Saw Julie Andrews prancing on a hill – had to read this post. : )

    I’m drinking sage and green tea cuppa now and it’s all kinds of awesome. I see that detox tea popping up everywhere – you really think it’s working? Cool!

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