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Stephanie Says… Keeping Your Relationship Alive


I have been with my boyfriend for almost six years and friends ask me all the time how do we always look like a new couple and in looooove. Well, it’s pretty simple actually it is because we actually love each other! Obviously we do things to enhance our love for each other and keep our relationship fresh. Don’t get me wrong it’s not always gumdrops, flowers and champagne. Today I am going to share with you how we do keep our relationship lively.


Just like many couples when we first started to live with each other we got into the needed but dreaded “routine”. Our lives were incredibly boring once the routine came into play. We stopped going out, stopped getting dressed up for one another, to the point where we would stop kissing each other hello when we got home from work. We were stuck in our “routine” until one day we both realized this is not fun. Now we make sure we have some of our routines but to mix it up a lot.

10967056_10155105090120697_696884646_nWe touch each other a lot and I don’t mean sexually. When I’m cooking dinner my boyfriend will come up behind me and give me a hug. To this day when he does that I still get butterflies. When we are watching TV on the couch we hold each other’s hand or cuddle. One simple touch can make you feel alive. Don’t be afraid to touch each other around the house or when the kids are around! A simple hand on the arm touch telling your partner “have a good day” or “welcome home” makes both of you feel love and wanted.

Another thing my boyfriend and I love to do is travel. Sometime we take months and months to plan a trip and others literally take minutes. For example, the other day I get a text message from the boy asking if I have any interest in going to Nashville. My answer of course was yes and about 20 minutes later we booked our flights to Nashville. Being spontaneous keeps us feeling alive. Think about it, who honestly does that these days? People always say “Oh I wish I could go to France, Italy, San Fran, etc” so go do it! Sometime you need to jump with both feet first! It keeps us feeling young (even though we are). To the couples that have children, I get that you really cannot do stuff like this so instead maybe go away for the night instead?


On to the next.. Date night! Since we bought our house our (going out) date nights are on the rarer side but when we do go out we make it worthwhile. We try and pick different and unique places so it’s not the typically Saturday night date. There is a Chinese place near us that makes you feel that you are in China. The décor is beyond amazing and the food is incredible. You are transformed and you honestly think you are in China. We love going here for a date night because it is something different and a new experience. If you do not like going out or cannot afford too which is our issue half the time what I like to do is make my boyfriend’s favorite meals. Trust me I am not a gourmet chef by any means but I do know my way around the kitchen. A meal doesn’t have to have 5 star quality. As long as your partner likes it, you’ve won the battle. Plus when you cook with your heart and soul you can taste it in the food and that tops any restaurant meal. Another thing I like to do when we are going out for a date night is have my boyfriend get ready in a different room that way when it is time to go he can be surprised and “pick me up” for our date.

So we already talked about being spontaneous, date nights and touching. Finally comes words. I normally “make” my boyfriend’s lunch every day. Now let me explain. I do not make him a sandwich and cut the crust off type of thing. His lunches are normally left over dinners so I divide the leftovers into two containers (one for me and one for him) and voilà lunch is done! But to make it special, once in a while I will write him a little note. Some notes have said “I love you”, “Have a great day”, “Can’t wait for you to get home”, to “You look so hot! You should hit me up! ;)”. I try to keep everything light and flirty. After a long period of time with someone you need to!


I like to think of us as stupid young kids in love even though we are totally responsible adults with real jobs and real bills to pay. I get butterflies almost every day because of him. I know exactly when it happens too. When I hear his key go into the lock of the door and the door is finally unlocked I get butterflies and cannot wait for my babe to walk through the door!

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