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Weekend Nails

Normally my nails for the weekend are just for me and they’re usually low maintenance and pretty plain – which I like after a long week and I don’t feel bad about removing when it comes time to start on the blogs designs for the next week. I just wanted to share this weekends nails with you because I used a new to me product: Barrym Matte Topcoat. I have had other matte topcoats before but I found them smelly and uneven so I was a bit dubious about trying this one out but when I was in Boots picking up some other bits and pieces I decided it give it a go. I believe it is only £2.99 so was definitely in my “worth a shot” price range.

MatteNails1These photos are from the second day of wear and I did find that the matte has worn off a little bit but overal the finish is this lovely almost rubberised look which totally transformed OPI First Date At The Golden Gate in one coat without changing the colour vastly – I have seen matte topcoats online making colours dusty but no such problems here. I have been stroking my index finger because the nails just feel so SMOOTH. I know, weird, but there you go.

MatteNails2I didn’t apply any other topcoat to this manicure as I was curious how the matte topcoat would affect wear time – so far it seems to be wearing exactly like any other time I have worn this polish which is great – I try not to add copious extra steps to my manis where possible and not having to add a regular topcoat before this one is wonderful. The bottle does say to “shake well” – this is important for matte topcoat as it can settle and the effect not be so strong HOWEVER I would recommend rolling the polish over shaking so that you do not create bubbles in your topcoat which could potentially ruin your mani.

What’s your favourite matte topcoat? When do you wear yours? I have a feeling I might be #matteallthemanis for a while – I do think this is a really season appropriate effect after all the bling of xmas.

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend! I’ve been chilling out for the most part – got to spend some time with a friend I haven’t seen in FOREVER yesterday which was great, I also treated myself to a Katy Perry CD for £3 because… well… it seemed like a good idea at the time, I needed some cheesy pop in my life. Today I am just preparing the weeks blogs and catching up on instagram and youtube – I am pretty excited about some of the manis coming up next week so I hope you’ll like them too!!




2 comments on “Weekend Nails

  1. Lisa N.
    February 2, 2015

    Nice red that is!

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