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Starry star charts


If you follow me on instagram you will have already seen this mani but I wanted to share it on here because I really liked it and I also want to spread the word on H&M polishes. This is how my manicure started life this is two coats of OPI Miss You-niverse with one coat of H&M Did I tell you? which is a gorgeous blue metallic glitter. I topped this off with Barrym Matte Top Coat. I loved this manicure so much I couldn’t take it off so I added a little something to it…


Look at it! This glitter comes in a clear base and has a couple of different sizes of hexes – very simple but very beautiful and it cost just £2.99. Emma from Imagination in Colour informed me I HAD to buy it on one of our shopping trips. She is a terrible, terrible influence on my bank balance. This is unlike any other shade of blue glitter I have and even came across as a glitter addict indie maker. While you’re in H&M picking up this beauty you HAVE to get the double ended white handle eye shadow brush – it is DA BOMB. I have two and feel like I need another.


I think this is two days of wear and then I stamped with Barrym Gold Foil this great lines and dots pattern which reminds me of star-charts especially over the deep indigo purple with deep blue metallic sparkles. This image comes comes from the new Born Pretty Store collection, plate number BP-43. This is one of the finer images on the Born Pretty Store plates and as you can see it stamps wonderfully. I paid for these plates for myself and I have been very pleased with the quality of all of the ones I have used so far. I do have a 10% off code for BPS which works on non-sale items: XPG10 so use it and abuse it as much as you can. Also, it’s worth posting reviews and pictures on the BPS website to get points which give you money of future orders.



2 comments on “Starry star charts

  1. Lisa N.
    February 16, 2015

    Love the matte look to these nails.

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