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Stephanie Says… What do J.Lo, The Kardashians, and Iggy Azalea Have in Common?


As we know I am a fitness journey and trying to lose weight. I need to be real… I haven’t stepped foot in a gym all year! Granted it’s only March 2015, but still no gym for me and I’m starting to see unwanted results. I am still losing weight but gravity has taken over my body and things have been looking kind of funky recently. This leads me into J.Lo, the Kardashians, and other artists like Iggy Azalea who have big butts. My butt is not plump, big or high how it used to be. I have neglected my booty and I am paying the price. I went from an apple bottom to no bottom. My butt is basically the pie crust. Flat. With bathing suit season right around the corner it is time to get my butt (literally) in shape!

I know I have talked about this exercise before on Stephanie Says (HERE) and brace yourself I’m going to talk about it again but I feel it really helped me get a good foundation. It is the 30 Day Squat Challenge. It is so easy, I hate that I allowed myself to stop doing it. On day 30 it will take you 15 minutes to bang out 250 squats. Only imagine how long 50 squats will take. 2-4 minutes tops! Want to know a secret? Do not just stop your squat once your legs are parallel to the floor… ass to the grass, honey. That is going to make for a faster, better result. Another tip, for your last 20 squats put on the highest heels your own. The height of the heel will do wonders for your booty!


We need to keep in mind that squats mainly work out your Minimus muscle. There are two other muscles in your butt you need to worry about it you want to look like J.Lo or Coco. The Medius and Maximus. To work out your Medius try doing some jumping jacks and for Maximus do lunges.


Other great butt exercise: Pile Squats, Donkey Kicks, Fire Hydrants, and Sideline Leg Abduction.

I know at the end of the day the last thing on my mind is working out. I am exhausted from work, and now you’re thinking about what you need to do since your home. Need to cook dinner, do laundry etc. But if you take 10 minutes for yourself and trying a few of these simple exercise you will see a difference! You need to keep yourself motivated!!

I am only 2 pounds away from my goal weight. Once I hit that number you will see my before and after picture! Wish me luck. Those last 5 pounds are the hardest!!

As always thank you for reading Stephanie Says.




** Disclaimer- I am not a fitness instructor, doctor, nutritionist, actually I am not in the medical field what so ever. Please do these exercise at our own risk. Please consult your doctor if you feel you are incapable of performing these exercises. I share these exercises because of my personal experience and results. Results differ from each person.**


I love reading your thoughts and will always do my best to reply, thank you!

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