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Review: Essence Make Up

Disclaimer: Products were sent to me for honest review by PR

Let me start by explaining why I am not showing you these products on my face (even though I have used them a couple of times). I am currently enjoying some acne treatment and I am in that phase where the skin gets worse before it gets better so I just don’t feel comfortable doing zoomy pictures. I hope that you can get an idea about the products from the pictures I have posted and the review I write, if you do have anymore questions feel free to ask!


I have never used Essence products before so this was really exciting, I am actually really into makeup and love watching tutorials and reviews on youtube. I hope to get to do some makeup reviews for you in the future once my treatment is finished and my skin has settled down.

For anyone interested in my mani you can see all of the details on the post HERE.

Foundation – Essence Pure Skin  01 Matte Beige 

This product is targeting anti-blemish and oil control perfect for oily/combo skin, this was my skin type for pretty much all my life, I am very impressed with the light weight feel of this mousse on the skin while it still provides really good coverage. It gives you a clean matte finish – I applied mine with a stippling brush from H&M and  I was very pleased with the overall look. Normally I will do concealers and add extra powder over the top but I didn’t feel it was necessary (nor would it make for a fair review). As my skin is now changing and it is getting dryer I did notice that in the dry patches I have around my nose this product did cling/cake a little. This was resolved by using a little bit of primer in those areas on the next application. I am super pale and this foundation blended in perfectly which is good because it is the lightest shade so if this didn’t work then nothing in the range would. The look of the product is very inline with the maybelline mousse foundations that I have tried in the past but I think this is the best one I have tried so far. I found the wear to be very good and it didn’t seem to melt off my face,  I think this product is definitely going to work for oil and combo skin ladies but this might not be what dry skin ladies are looking for.

Eye Shadow –  I ❤ Nude 06 Coffee Bean

I am not going to lie because this is an affordable brand I really didn’t expect much from this product HOWEVER this eyeshadow is hella pigmented and really smooth and blendable. I LOVE IT. It is a gorgeous colour and something that in a pinch could even work for an eyebrow powder (for fellow brunettes out there!). I have a small confession… shortly after using this I knocked it in the sink. Heartbroken is not the word. It has since tried out and been sanitised and it is good to go again but TRUST it to happen to me. Anyone else only clumsy when it’s very important not to be? Anyhoo, I definitely will be looking into some more of these, I think I almost prefer this shadow to a MAC one I have in a similar shade but time will tell!

Lipstick – 01 Wearing Only A Smile

I have only recently gotten into lip products so I was excited to see this in my bag of goodies (thank you Essence for being so generous!) – it has nice packaging and an angled edge, the formula is really creamy. Again I think this is the lightest colour in the range and on its own I don’t think it is for me as it is super pale. It is pretty pigmented so will give you the “your lips but better” kind of look. I prefer to layer or mix this with another colour when I want to tone down something. Wear was pretty good, I didn’t really notice it being particularly bad or good. Overall I would definitely give this lipstick range a go!

You can see all of Essence’s most recent releases HERE as well as all the details on pricing and where to buy! I do have some nail products coming up in the next couple of weeks that I was also sent to review and I am super excited to give those ago!


9 comments on “Review: Essence Make Up

  1. Cindi
    March 10, 2015

    I have an Essence blush that I love. I bought it last summer and the store I picked it up at redid their entire cosmetics area Jan/Feb with all the new cosmetics but sadly, they removed the Essence section. My blush fell to the floor and broke last fall, but I repaired it by using the alcohol mix in to wet it and then pressing it back into the pan and letting it air dry. It worked! So don’t feel bad that your shadow fell. I am going to miss Essence now that I don’t know where to buy it. I’m not going to pay for shipping on drugstore makeup because shipping costs more than the makeup does.

    • Pocket Money Polishes
      March 10, 2015

      Totally agree with you about shipping on drugstore makeup – it’s a shame though because I am so impressed with the quality of these products. I bet they make AMAZING blush. Hopefully you can find somewhere to buy it!

  2. Lisa N.
    March 10, 2015

    Nice review on their makeup. I haven’t tried much from this brand too.

  3. Sasha
    March 10, 2015

    Thanks for the review! I’ve heard about this brand but have never given it a try! I LOVE eye shadows. So the fact that the one you received was really pigmented is a plus in my books!

  4. Catherine Dream
    March 12, 2015

    I loved the irony in your ‘enjoying’ the acne treatment ; )

    The Maybelline Mousse foundation was the FIRST one I ever used – it was so lovely : ) I can’t stand the feel of liquid foundation, but the mousse-y one felt awesome. This looks so similar, and you’ve tried both, so you know.

    I too, am super pale, and blemishes are a punishment from some fucker somewhere that I need to deal with too. Bleh.

    Hope your skin is transitioning and dealing well!


    • Pocket Money Polishes
      March 12, 2015

      It is very dry at the moment and I need to go for more blood tests as a side effect back be fat building up in the blood but fingers crossed it all turned out okay as my skin does seem to be getting better!

      I usually use liquid foundation at the moment (again applied with stippling brush) but I LOVE the mousse texture too.

      • Catherine Dream
        March 12, 2015

        So it’s isotretinoin then? If that’s the blood test.
        Oh, my friend has been going through it, terrible dryness! Feel for you!

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