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R is for Redo, Reboot, Recycle, Recreate

Happy A2Z Day one and all! I am super excited about today’s mani and it’s because it is something I have wanted to do for a while – pretty much ever since I started watched Pretty Little Liars. Now, I am not going to post any spoilers or too much about the series but I have been bingeing on Netflix and loving it – aside from the hard to turn off factor, I am totally in love with the girls’ clothes. Nearly every episode I spot something I would like to wear or that inspires me or a manicure. Today’s manicure is a recreation of one of the outfits in one of the latest episodes I have watched.


Here is a screen grab of the outfit from Season 3, Episode 1. No copyright infringement intended! This is Hannah and her outfit at the start of this episode really grabbed my attention because it is not something that I would have put together but it totally worked. I loved the colour blocking on the jacket and then decided to actually create the whole outfit as a manicure.


I started with a base of OPI Skull and Glossbones which is a taupey off white/grey colour, perfect in two coats. I thought it was a good match for the base colour on the jacket and it is one of my favourite NOT WHITE bases for nail art.


For Hannah’s necklace which is the blingiest silver thing I have ever seen – I used two thin coats of OPI Crown Me Already! which was loaned to me by the lovely Emma from Imagination in Colour. As my pointer nails are my shortest nails (breaks all round) it made sense to me to keep these nails as simple as possible so not to make them look any shorter. I love the bigger glitter particles in this dense silver glitter mix – they SPARKLE SO HARD.


For the stripes I used OPI Nein Nein Nein Ok Fine! (dark grey), Red Lights Ahead Where? (red), I Just Can’t Cope-acabana (yellow) and Mod About You (light pink). I used striping tape to divide my nails into sections and then filled them in, I kind of which I had just freehanded to be honest. I hate striping tape it is just so fiddly. On my other hand I did freehand the stripes because it just worked out easier. On my pinky and thumb I stamped a fine lace pattern (using BP-02) in Nein Nein Nein Ok Fine! to echo Hannah’s dress without adding another colour to the design. Before I forget if you want 10% off full price items on Born Pretty Store my discount code is: XPG10


The final touch for me was to add little bow stickers which were a gift that the lovely Tracey from Bite No More sent to me recently. Aren’t they adorable? They are super delicate but LOVE THEM. I asked Tracey and you can buy these HERE (XF613). Everything was topcoated with Glisten&Glow HK Girl which I utterly adore – how did I live without it for so long? It just makes life so much easier – everything drives so quick and shiney, I buy mine from Rainbow Connection (if you’re in the UK and wondering where to get it). So, what do you think of my recreation? Do you watch PLL? Do you have a netflix binge addiction?

Don’t forget to check out the archive to see ALL of the inlinkz for this challenge so far and there is the little froggy below which will show you what the ladies have been up to this week.

Used to Create This Look




  • OPI Nein Nein Nein OK Fine!
  • OPI Skull And Glossbones
  • OPI Mod About You
  • OPI I Just Can’t Cope-acabana
  • OPI Red Lights Ahead Where?
  • OPI Crown Me Already!

32 comments on “R is for Redo, Reboot, Recycle, Recreate

  1. Cindi
    March 12, 2015

    I like this. Her outfit is fun too.

  2. Sasha
    March 12, 2015

    This is so awesome! I keep saying that I’m going to watch PLL’s but haven’t gotten around to it yet! Right now I’m on a Dexter binge on Netflix.

    • Pocket Money Polishes
      March 12, 2015

      Hehe well put it on the list for after Dexter! 😀 I thought it was a bit silly when I tried watching the first episode a while ago but then totally got into it when I gave it another shot recently.

  3. Lo F
    March 12, 2015

    I Love PLL! Your mani is perfect!

  4. Jenny Olesen
    March 12, 2015

    I love the little bow decals! Adorable. I can definitely see all of the parts of her outfit in your mani. Really nice!

  5. Tracey
    March 12, 2015

    Just stunning. A beautiful recreation of the dress x

  6. Blingfinger
    March 12, 2015

    Great recreation of the outfit!

  7. Lisa N.
    March 12, 2015

    That’s such a fun blazer that you got inspiration from.

  8. Manna
    March 12, 2015

    Nice interpretation! I used to watch pll, but I lost interest after season 4 I think it was.

    • Pocket Money Polishes
      March 12, 2015

      Oooo I am not quite there yet, only just started series 3 although the plot does seem to be developing a little bit slowly at the moment – like… COME ON GIRLS! Won’t say anymore, don’t want to spoil it for anyone.

  9. Catherine Dream
    March 12, 2015

    AWESOME way to recreate that combo! Love the different nails.

    Hannah’s outfits are one of my favourite things about PLL – and Aria’s. Also, Hannah’s hair. All day, every day, right?

    That being said, if I ever dressed like Hannah, like this outfit for example – I’d look like something a closet full of patterned fabrics puked out.

    • Pocket Money Polishes
      March 12, 2015

      I know!!!! I don’t know how she pulls them off!!! I love some of Spencer’s tops too. I want to be a little liar….

  10. Shawna
    March 12, 2015

    I don’t watch that show, but I certainly have the binge addiction 😛 Cute mani!!

  11. Makenna
    March 12, 2015

    Oh this is lovely, I love the interpretation of your inspiration

  12. Polished Hippy
    March 13, 2015

    Nice interpretation of the outfit!

  13. karen
    March 13, 2015

    Lovely work Charlie!

  14. Amy
    March 13, 2015

    Dang that’s pretty! I love the jacket and would totally wear it! It looks great as nail art too!

  15. Savannah
    March 13, 2015

    I love the colors of the stripes together! One day I’m going to actually watch prl lol

  16. nakedwithoutpolish
    March 13, 2015

    I love this so freaking much! I was obsessed with that jacket when she wore it. It’s so playful, then over that dress it’s perfection! Fantastic interpretation! ❤

  17. Sumeet
    March 13, 2015

    Gaaahhh this is perfection! I love the blazer and your interpretation 🙂

  18. Nadia MamaHeartsPolish
    March 13, 2015

    I always love it when I see nail art that’s inspired by fashion, I think it’s a great way to challenge yourself. You did a great job!

  19. Katey Vanderwyst
    March 14, 2015

    I love how you used the blazer as interpretation. Looks great!

  20. roselynn787
    March 14, 2015

    All the girls have such fantastic fashion sense, so many of their outfits could be manis. I saw this on facebook and totally freaked out. It’s so cute!

  21. mishka824m
    March 16, 2015

    Very fun, and I love how you did vertical stripes on one, horizontal stripes on the other!

  22. I’m one of the very few who still has yet to check out PLL but you recreated her outfit perfectly!! I love your take on it and love what you did with the stripes!!

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