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Stephanie Says…Fashion Tips When Losing Weight

You’ve been working hard getting your body in check for the spring/summer season but the only “problem” is none of your clothes fit because you have been toning up! Keep it up! I find this has been my issue for the past few months and always buying new clothes is getting expensive.  I’ve been doing a few fashion tricks to get more use out of my existing clothes. For years, my problem has always been my clothes never fit because I am gaining weight so for me to experience this issue is very new. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining, I will take this issue any day over my clothes not fitting!! Here are my fashion tips and tricks when losing weight!


  1. Find a good tailor and make them your new BFF!

A few years ago I found these amazing black pants from New York and Company that were perfect for work. They were comfortable, professional and fit in the right spots. I am not kidding I must have 15 pair of the same black pants. I love them! When I started losing weight I obviously couldn’t wear them anymore until I found my tailor! I gave her all my pants to take in and since I had so many she only charged me $5 a pair. The amount of money I spent getting my pants tailored equaled out to 1 brand new pair of black pants. She’s even tailored a few of my favorite shirt. It’s like I have a brand new wardrobe without spending mega bucks!


  1. Jeans/Pants:

A great pair of jeans is hard to find, let alone expensive. If I am not to the point where I do not want to give them up or I haven’t brought them to my tailor I pair them with a form fitting shirt. I think if the shirt is a little tighter around the bottom where the shirt hits your jeans they will still look good. You can always throw on a belt and call it a day! Check out Katie Homes rocking her baggy jeans with a belt.

Holmes' Little Paunch


  1. Get a good bra:

I have to make a shout out to my Twinnie. I got to say even when something looks bad she will let know. Thank God! She got a Victoria Secret gift card and told me straight up that I need to get a good bra. At first I was kind of pissed but now I see she has my back! Well, I took her advice and got myself a few good bras and I am so happy I did! It made me feel more confident and made my clothes look better too. We all know that woman typically wear the wrong bra size. I’m pretty sure Oprah has done a ton of specials on this subject. Do not be afraid to ask for help and get sized. No one like’s side boob or back fat.

good bra


  1. Leggings:

They are my best friend. I wear leggings all the time because let’s face it they are so comfortable and so versatile. With leggings you can dress them up or down. It’s awesome! Plus they are inexpensive and go a long way when you are losing weight. I love pairing mine with riding boots and a cute top for work or when I go out. If you are in between sizes and/or losing weight these are a must in your closet!



  1. Accessories:

If you think something is too big but you’re not ready to get rid of it wearing accessories helps me! Throw on a scarf to make your look more comfy and relaxed. If you’re going out trying a big statement necklace to take people’s eyes off the shirt. Even rings, bangles, and purses can do the trick. Plus it will complete your outfit! Plus if you are losing weight they will fit you no matter what! No need to run out and keep getting accessories! A necklace or scarf will always fit.



I hope you all enjoyed my fashion tricks when you are losing weight. I hope they work for you as they work for me!


As always, thank you for reading Stephanie Says.





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2 comments on “Stephanie Says…Fashion Tips When Losing Weight

  1. Sasha
    March 13, 2015

    Thanks for posting this! I just learnt a few tips and tricks for my current weight loss journey. I love leggings they’re like a staple for me!

  2. Lisa N.
    March 13, 2015

    Very helpful to know!

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