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Stephanie Says… Workout During Your Morning Routine

Only 58 days until Memorial Day! For all my UK followers, Memorial Day Weekend is basically our kickoff to summer. That means you only have 58 days to get your body in check! I recently incorporated small work outs in my morning routine to get my heart rate up and juices flowing.  Granted this routine is a small workout and is not going to get you results over night but every little bit counts when its crunch time, right? Plus this is great for beginners!! If you do not like going to the gym or can only work out for a few minutes, incorporate my mini workouts in your morning routine!

Let’s Begin!

Walking to the bathroom: First thing I do in the morning is walk into the bathroom, while walking I like to swing my arms around and stretch a little. Once I get into the bathroom I do some light stretches like touch my fingers to my toes, stretch out my back and abs so I do not feel so sore and stiff. Depending on the day this sometimes feels like a workout in itself! Especially at 5:30 in the morning.

Brushing my teeth: I really like to multi-task and kill two birds with one stone. While I brush my teeth I do squats. You are supposed to brush your teeth for about two minutes. To make sure I am brushing for the proper amount of time I do about 20-30 squats. Those squats usually take me about 2 minutes to do. It is definitely something to get used too while you are brushing your teeth but it gets my heart rate up. Remember no one likes a saggy booty!

Shower: I get can a lot done while I am in the shower. Before I walk in, I turn on some music and get my game face on. One, it’s time to wake up! Two, I know I will be burning a few calories. When I wash my hair I make sure my hands are above my head and I am controlling my muscles. When you control your muscles, you’re toning and trust me you will feel the burn after a few minutes. So I scrub my scalp, control my muscles and after 5 minutes or so I cannot wait to relax my arms! While I am getting the shampoo out of my hair I jam out and start dancing in the shower. I usually dance for 1 whole song. Ok, so you remember in Legally Blonde the “bend and snap”? I like to do this while I shave my legs. I like to bend and squeeze my abs as hard as I can and repeat. I do not “snap” up so I avoid getting a head rush and falling into the shower. After shaving and I wash my body and go back to jamming out. I get my aloofla with some soap and rock out with my parts out (literally!). As for my “cool down” I just stand under the water for a few seconds then get out.

Picking out my clothes: Once I am out of the shower, dried off and in my robe, it is time to pick out my outfit. My bathroom is about 6 steps away from my closet so what do I do? I lunges to it! It is only about 4 lunges but hey, 4 lunges is better than 0 lunges!


Finally, I look at the time and realize it is time to go and I rush out the door! I quickly put my shoes on, grab my tea, jacket and purse and I am out!! See, more cardio!

Adding small things to your daily/weekly routine is super easy and not difficult to do. Next time you do laundry, try putting your hamper on the floor and do squats. When you are cleaning your home there are easy ways to turn mindless cleaning into a good workout. I know what I am doing is very small, this routine is not supposed to replace your existing working, only to enhance it and hopefully get quicker results. Every little bit counts! Personally, when I haven’t gone to the gym or had a really good workout in a while, I start to do my “mini-workouts” and it kicks my butt into high gear and makes me want to do more!

Bring on Summer!

As always, thank you for reading Stephanie Says.




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Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, personal trainer, nothing even in the medical field. This is just from my personal experience from going to the gym and having personal trainers. Please perform these exercises at your own risk. If you feel dizzy or have pain anywhere stop immediately. If you are unsure you can perform these task consult with your doctor beforehand.


2 comments on “Stephanie Says… Workout During Your Morning Routine

  1. Lisa N.
    March 27, 2015

    Great routine. I really should try to get a workout routine and follow it regularly.

  2. Sasha
    March 27, 2015

    This is awesome! I didn’t even think of how simple those exercises could be to do in the morning or whenever!

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