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Mummy Smith: Roses are red…


~Disclaimer: Rose Water Decals were sent to me for honest review by Born Pretty Store, opinions are my own.Roses1

This weekend Mummy Smith and I got back to our normal Saturday night routine which means TV series bingeing (we went for The Good Wife) and nail painting. Mum wasn’t very happy with the condition of her nails so to hide it she wanted something SPARKLY. I had a browse around my stash and on my borrowed shelf (usually occupied by polishes from Emma) I spotted OPI The Show Must Go On. This beauty couldn’t be any sparklier if it tried and it has a beautiful duochrome shift in it from red to fuchsia to orange. I used two medium coats here for full coverage, if you apply in thin coats you may need 3 – despite this, it is really nice to work with. Sadly, this is not the easiest polish to get your hands on as the Burlesque collection was extremely popular when it came out (especially for the micro glitters) and I think it was a 2012 release so three years ago. I can’t suggest any exact dupes off the top of my head but I am sure there are some lovely polishes out there with a similar finish.


For accents I really wanted to use these rose decals from Born Pretty StoreMum LOVES decals because they wear so well and are fairly low maintenance nail art. These roses come on a small sheet and in a variety of sizes – I cut out about six different ones and soaked them all at the same time before applying and arranging on the nail. As ever the quality of decals from BPS is really great (not too thick or thin, easy to position on the nails etc) and they’re super affordable, this pack retails for just $0.99.  I used a base of Nails Inc Bloomsbury Way which is a cream polish with some pink in it – I thought this would be really complimentary to the colours in the polish and design and less stark than white. I used one thick coat as I am near the end of my bottle and with the roses I could cover any patchiness. To wear alone this is definitely a 2-3 coater for even coverage.


Hopefully in this picture you can see that colour shift in Show Must Go On, that I mentioned.  I actually returned this polish to Emma last night and she was wearing it today when we met up for coffee – you can see a shot of it with her drink over on instagram HERE.

I hope you’ve all had a great holiday weekend (be it Memorial Weekend or Bank Holiday weekend) and that the rest of the week has lots of exciting things lined up for you! I am hoping that my custom planner turns up tomorrow so I can share that with you and then on Thursday I have my Wiki’d Nails coming up – sorry I didn’t get those up last week, I didn’t forget I am just a little bit out of my routine with lots of projects going on.

3 comments on “Mummy Smith: Roses are red…

  1. Tracey
    May 25, 2015

    Loving the decals, tell Mummy Smith her nails look gorgeous xx

  2. Lisa N.
    May 25, 2015

    Cute roses!

  3. Sasha
    May 26, 2015

    Lovely nails and that red is just beautiful

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