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Charlie Says… My June Favourites

Sometimes a little bit different today for me – I thought I would share with you some products and other things that I have been loving this month. I hope you enjoy this new post as I would like to do it once a month, but anyway, let me know with a comment below what you think. Long post but I have added some bold bits to help you scroll through if you don’t want to read the whole thing ūüôā

This month has been a weird one for me – no blogging but very very busy with lots of projects. I painted a commissioned portrait (which I can’t share a picture of yet as it is a surprise gift), I interviewed for four different jobs (sadly missed out on all of them), I have been discharged from therapy for depression and GAD and I have been spending way too much time (and money) in Caffe Nero creative writing and watching the world go by.¬†Oh and I booked a spur of the moment flight to New York in November so I can spend some time with Steph and have some fun across the pond.

PersonalPlannerKeeping my life organised has been super important so I bought a planner – and this is the first of my June favourites! For a while I have been following Paint Those Piggies on YouTube and in addition to nails and beauty vlogs, Erin also does Erin Condren Life Planner spreads. These started to get my interest and I have really been sucked into planning. I decided to order my own custom planner from¬†Personal Planner¬†which is perfect as you can really make it your own and it starts on the month of your choosing so since I started in the middle of the year I wouldn’t have six months of excess calender space. I also chose personal planner because it was also affordable and they ship all over the world at really good rates. The ONLY complaint I have (which is more of a grumble) is that it did take two weeks to arrive BUT everything is printed specifically for your planner (because everything can and is customised) and I believe it was coming from Sweden so it really is only a pain if you’re impatient like me. If you’re interested in getting one of these planners – don’t forget to go and check the facebook page for discount codes, there is normally one for 10-15% off!!

PLannerStampsDecorating the planner has been a lot of fun, I can’t share any of my spreads as they all have work details and things written in BUT I do want to give a shout out to my planner buddy Mariah who was the sweetest in sending me my first ever washi tape and also mention these super cute cling stamps that I ordered on Etsy. They’re super small but perfect icons for adding into planners and saves a lot of money in the long run as an alternative to buying stickers. Please click the picture for a closer look or go and check them out HERE. Which is your favourite? I think mine is possibly the snail – TOO CUTE! Are you into planning?


I have been pretty low key with my beauty products this month as the temperature has been rising however I have been making the most of:

  • 10138525Baptitse Dry Shampoo Tropical – I love the coconutty smell and this works into the hair really quickly for me. I normally go for wild but decided to mix it up on the scent front for this month. I am currently on my second bottle.
  • Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil – so quick and blends in really well with my natural brows, this has been a quick fix for looking en pointe in a hurry. I also find this pencil sharpens well unlike other products I have tried. Also because it is a pencil I find it stays much longer than an eyebrow shadow.
  • 81Z3EV5ORUL._SY355_Hard as Hoof Nail Strengthening Cream¬†– sadly I don’t think you can buy this in the UK BUT it is DA BOMB so if you can get your hands on it or have a friend who can, go for it! I believe it is only a couple of dollars for a tub and it smells like cherry bakewells whilst absorbing cleanly and quickly into your skin and nails. I am on the last bit in my tub and really sad. It’s not common for me to really finish a cream product but this lives in my handbag and is nearly gone. I am not sure if it has strengthened my nails but my hands feel hydrated and it is a pleasure to use.
  • handmaidSoap&Glory Hand Maid Sanitiser¬†– Antibac gel without the vodka smell, in fact this smells amazing. It is slightly perfumey but I love it and again have nearly used the whole thing up.
  • Gold Eyeliner¬†– I have a maxfactor one which I sort of overpaid for and it is only an OK eyeliner BUT I have been loving the gold eyeliner look for my lowerlash line. I love the soft smoldery shimmer it gives me, something a little different but understated at the same time. It goes really well with the barely there makeup look or can be amped up for a sexy evening style.


Onto my next June favourite –¬†Duolingo.¬†I decided to really make the most of my time between jobs and thought that brushing up on my French ¬†would be a great little task to do every day. I have been rediscovering how terrible I am at French grammar and also learning a lot of new vocab.¬†Duolingo¬†is free and offers not just a website but also an app – all the lessons are split into bitesize chunks and you’re really encouraged to practise. It offers listening, writing and speaking which are all awesome features although I generally don’t do the speaking aspect because ermm I sound daft.

I have found the app really motivating because it reminds you to practise but the practises are really fun so it feels more like a game than a chore. I am also competitive with myself wanting to maintain learning streaks and collect so many points a day to keep progressing. There are a lot of other languages on offer here too, but I thought I better stick with one that I had some knowledge of to start with. I think this would be fun for commuters as you can do it on the go (as long as you have a set of headphones) and so will help fill that time between door and desk with something positive and engaging. OH and you don’t have to start from the very beginning you can also “test out” of sections if you’re already familiar with the language and move on to the later modules.


My book for this month is¬†The Magic by Rhonda Byrne¬†which has 28 days of tasks that teach you about gratitude and the law of attraction. I won’t go into too much detail but this book has brought a lot of positivity back into my life and really has meant that I didn’t have to go to therapy anymore. When anxiety triggers happen this book has given me a system to cope and also generally by starting my day counting blessings my head starts off in a much better place anyway. There are a lot of levels to this book but even on the basic level of thinking about the good things you really just end up feeling much better and if you believe in the law then you’re also attracting better things to you.

I think little changes to routines can make all the difference when you’re stuck in a funk and I have had some disappointments this month (and one stressful trip on the trains) but I am still in a really creative and happy place. I am normally a skeptic about all things like this but I am really glad I gave it a try ¬†– I can’t believe this sat on my shelf for over a year but clearly it was just the right time this month to open my mind to it.

Sorry, that song just popped to mind as I was writing and who doesn’t love a musical interlude?

I don’t really have any music of the month, I must confess I don’t listen to music THAT often anymore although I am trying to get back into the habit! I do however have a couple of things I have really been enjoying watching:

  • 6dfca7b5e6c490092da3daf213d0e4b4_400x400Tabletop and Titansgrave¬†on¬†Geek&Sundry Youtube¬†if you’re into boardgames (and even if you’re not) I recommend checking out these super fun shows where Wil Wheaton and Friends introduce us to and play a whole host of different and fun tabletop/board games. Aimed at both gamers and non-gamers everything is explained well but not over extensively making it watchable by a wide audience, it is also family friendly (with the exception of the Cards Against Humanity Episode).¬†Since I started watching Tabletop two years ago I have amassed my own collection of boardgames and have spent many evenings laughing with friends.
    • Titansgave¬†is a newly released show with an RPG game at its centre – this show was only brought into existence because the Indiegogo support (which funded the third season of TT) was so immense. A lot of love and passion goes into production and it shows with a television quality output and cast of people totally into what they’re doing.
  • 6886476_origYounger¬†– My sister introduced me to the show when I was visiting her and it’s new this year. It has familiar elements with a storyline about a woman pretending to be something she isn’t (twenty-six) but its likeable cast and good scripting keep it from becoming too cheesey or unbelievable. Created by the same producer as¬†Sex and the City¬†this has a lot of thrills and spills making with strong female characters at its ¬†centre which makes it highly watchable. Can’t wait for next season!

What are your favourite things from the last month? I’d love to hear! Let me know what you think about this sort of post, what ¬†you like reading about etc.

6 comments on “Charlie Says… My June Favourites

  1. Lisa N.
    June 25, 2015

    Great favorites of the month! ūüôā

    • Pocket Money Polishes
      June 26, 2015

      Thank you Lisa – I was worried that this post was a bit long but I wanted to post it.

  2. Sasha
    June 27, 2015

    Love your favorites of the month! I like the personalized planner. I may have to look into getting one of those for myself. I also use hard as hoofs. LOVE IT!! You just reminded me that i need to run to walmart and grab another one! lol.

    • Pocket Money Polishes
      June 27, 2015

      hehe Thank you Sasha! I can’t wait to go to the US and stock up on a few products I can’t get here. Have you bought anything from the Zoya offer going on at the moment?

      • Sasha
        June 29, 2015

        You’re welcome! That’s why I love going over to the states as well! No I haven’t. I didn’t even know that there was a sale going on! I have to see if my bank account can handle it right now LOL. Did you purchase anything?

      • Pocket Money Polishes
        June 29, 2015

        I am resisting as hard as I can lol

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