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My OPI Wishlist



I don’t have any super lemmings any more (that I can think of) but I do have a few OPIs on a wishlist that I hope to pick up at some point or think would be nice to have in my collection. Due to a rather expensive holiday that I have yet to pay for I am kind of on a no buy (not counting the two glitters I bought the other day) so this is a fun way to day-dream and also have a note for when I CAN shop for polishes again.

While I am thinking about OPI essentials I should probably have also put OPI Natural Nails Basecoat on this list – it is my favourite basecoat of all time and I have been out of it for far too long.


Alpine Snow 

Technically this would be a repurchase and one of my first OPI repurchases. This is my favourite white – the prowide brush and a formula that gets better over time make this a must have for me. I use it whenever I need a white base for nail art and it never lets the team down. I have never actually worn a pure white manicure but if I did I think this would be the white for me – it is clean and forgiving. I wouldn’t mind trying Angel With a Lead Foot or My Boyfriend Scales Walls for an off white option some time though.

pirouette_my_whistle_t55Pirouette My Whistle from the New York Ballet Collection is one of the few cult classic OPI glitters. So dainty and delicate I have never seen a bad combination with this polish. I have seen Pirouette… going on the discount sites a few times but never gotten around to picking it up. I think this would be gorgeous for winter time manicures to create the look of falling snow or just for adding a little je ne sais quoi to any beautiful OPI creme polish.

7692640_maxTo Beagle or Not To Be from last years halloween collection this glitter is just all kinds of fun – I was lucky to get the set of minis for my birthday last year and have been hoarding them ever since. When I horde polish I do wear it but only very occasionally, especially the tiny OPI minis. I should have bought a full size of this last year and feeling kind of sad now that it’s unlikely I will ever have a full size 0f this matte glitter combo.



ThatsHulariousThat’s Hula-rious such a delicate mint green, this comes from the 2015 spring collection inspired by Hawaii. This collection is one of those that some days as I scroll through the swatches I want almost all of them and other days I just think “meh”. I do think this polish would live quite happily along side two of my favourite green polishes of all time Mermaid’s Tears and Stranger Tides (both from the 2011 Stranger Tides collection). I don’t think I have a true green tone mint in my stash all of them lean much more blue. I have seen swatches of this mattified and they totally have me drooling.



Also, have you seen the Fall Venice collection due out at the end of August? I am loving all of the neutral shades – I agree this doesn’t feel like an Autumn/Winter collection HOWEVER it is important to note that 12 of these shades are going straight into the permanent collection and they fill in a lot of gaps. You can see swatches and a live swatch vlog here, along with more details on these new shades. I actually don’t like any of the limited edition colours (from the previews I have seen) which is good because I hate scrambling to get hold of colours – especially since everyone has discovered the websites I use! ANYWAY, what is on your wishlist (OPI or otherwise)? Have a great weekend!

9 comments on “My OPI Wishlist

  1. Cindi
    July 10, 2015

    Hey, I have OPI To Be or Not to Beagle and I happened to buy the new limited edition Sinful Colors Color Tag glitter and got it home and they are identical. I found the new SinfulColors at Walgreens but they are limited edition releases so andale!

    • Pocket Money Polishes
      July 10, 2015

      Ooo good tip. Sadly can’t get sinful colors here but might see if a friend can get it for me.

  2. Lisa N.
    July 11, 2015

    Nice wishlist. I have a ton of polishes I want, lol.

  3. Sasha
    July 14, 2015

    Nice list! My lemmings list just keeps growing lol. I really want to try Alpine Snow I heard that it’s a really nice white. I actually have Angel With A Lead Foot. I don’t too much fancy it but still use it for a base for nail art.

  4. Catherine Dream
    July 20, 2015

    Uuuuuu, now I WANT HULA : P

    Just used Alpine Snow in my latest mani and was thinking the same thing – Essie’s Blanc used to my white, but Snow’s formula just WINS, you know?

    As for a polish I’m LUSTING FOR atm, OPI Cope-a cabana, know it?

    • Pocket Money Polishes
      July 21, 2015

      I want hula badly! Alpine Snow is amazing and the fact it gets better with age too…

      • Catherine Dream
        July 21, 2015

        Right?! Blanc went meh with age, Alpine Snow is like wine ; )

  5. NailtheDay
    July 23, 2015

    I haven’t loved many of the new OPI ones, I have gone a bit mad at Fragrance Direct and ordered loads of older ones. I finally got AmazON AmazOFF… and I tried it one one nail….Stain city!…. Wahhhhhhh NOT HAPPY 😦

    • Pocket Money Polishes
      August 10, 2015

      Yes, I was too scared to use my AmazON AmazOFF after hearing others problems. I did use it in one design as part of nail art. Any good finds from Fragrance Direct??

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