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Project Pan: Let’s Go!

This week I have a lot of beauty posts lined up for you as I am waiting on some nail art supplies to arrive and have a really busy week so not as much time to sit and do something fabulous on my fingers. I was meant to be doing nails stuff at the weekend but may have spent all weekend playing Sims 2… So, I hope you don’t mind a bit of diversification!

Project PanI am not 100% sure who  started project pan but it is something that I have seen going on around Youtube and the blogosphere for the last year or so. The idea is to actually use (and potentially use up) cosmetic items from your stash – how often do you buy something and realise when you get home that you totally didn’t need it? Who has six hand creams floating around her bedroom alone? *raises hand*. So above you can see some of the items I have dug out to be used by the end of the month, these are all products with a fair dent in them that just need to be used up. Let’s get stuck into the items!

PP1 First up is a travel size tude of The Righteous Butter from Soap&Glory which is a body lotion. I am SOOO bad at remembering to use lotion after a shower. I pretty much want to get out and dry once I am done. This has a strong scent that I like but it wouldn’t be for everyone. I do find it moisturising and it soaks in reasonably quick. As you can see there isn’t loads left so hopefully this will be done by next week. I am kind of using the challenge here as an excuse to get moisturising my skin into my routine, I am pretty good at looking after my hands and face but the rest of me is neglected! Since starting acne treatment my skin has changed and needs love and attention.

PP2Item number two on the list is Maybelline Dream Pure BB which is a BB Cream for oily skin. I quite liked this when I first got it, it felt very lightweight on the skin. It is not really the right colour for me and I pretty much just reach for my foundation these days for more coverage or go without, I don’t really do the in between barely there coverage thing anymore. I apologise for the state of this tube, I have had it for a while. I added a little sharpie line so you can see how much is left. I am guessing this will probably take until the end of the month to use up but fingers crossed.

PP3Another skin cosmetic that’s gotta go, this time from Rimmel. Hide The Blemish Concealer is a lipstick style concealer stick which gives pretty good coverage although to me it doesn’t have the best blendability and I much prefer a liquid concealer at the moment. As you can see there is just a nubbin of product left and I think using this up in conjunction with the BB Cream should be achievable. I find it best to apply this by putting the product onto a blending sponge or brush and then onto the skin rather than directly. This is slightly more hygienic and allows you to build the coverage evenly and just isn’t as much hard work to make wearable.

I don’t have a use photo for the Makeup Revolution Focus and Fix Eye Primer but I think this is probably about half to two-thirds used. It’s ok, I don’t love it. I am ready for this to just not be in my drawers anymore. This is the lightshade and comes with a standard doe-foot style applicator. I really do recommend a lot of the Makeup Revolution products as a pocket friendly makeup option – I love their cheek palettes and also their eyeshadow palettes (they offer a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Palettes too!).

I also have a tiny amount of Mac Brush Cleaner which just needs to be used up – I am not sure why I stopped using it but I found this at the back of my stuff when I was choosing items for project pan and thought it was a perfect candidate. I also have a small sample of the Mac Prep+Prime Face Primer – not entirely sure where this came from… but yep this can totally be used up.


OK final two products – I have an Essence PureSkin Foundation, I was sent this for review a while back and after using it a few times promptly forgot about it. It has a mousse texture and applies well with a sponge. A little dark for my vampire white skin but it blends well with medium coverage and lightweight matte texture. I have a fair dent in it already although there is a lot of product round the sides. I just suddenly realised this means I have THREE skin cosmetics to use up this month…cripes… it will be done!

Lastly, but not leastly, I have a Lush Lemony Flutter which has taken me forever to get through. This is a good industrial strength moisturiser that I mainly use on my cuticles…. I may have to expand to knees, elbows and other dry patches. I have three problems with this product: a) I don’t really like the scent it smells a lot like lemon frosting and makes me sneeze, b) it is heavy duty and takes a while to get into the skin leaving you a little greasy and c) it is a little pricey for me. The price does make sense in terms of this being an ethical and good product that lasts a while however because of my issues with the formula not working with my preferences, I would now rather spend my £6.50 on something else. Sorry Lush!

I shall update you at the end of the month hopefully with some empties and some more items that I am hoping to pan. I want to keep this as a rolling project so that I really to enjoy and make the most of what I have. Unlike nail varnish which has a long shelf life, a lot of cosmetic products are only good for six months to a year so no sense in wasting things by keep buying more and more. I should have included a mascara in here too as I have far TOO many of those… hmm… next time.

Have you tried a project pan? What item to you hoard or never really use in your makeup stash?


5 comments on “Project Pan: Let’s Go!

  1. Lisa N.
    July 14, 2015

    Hope you do well on it!

  2. tessgalen
    July 16, 2015

    I’ve got some stuff I’m trying to use up too! So far I’m doing a terrible job….

  3. Sasha
    July 18, 2015

    Good luck on this! I keep saying I wanted to try the lemon flutter from lush but never end up getting it lol. Honestly I just have make up galore. Eye shadows, lipsticks the works. That’s another love of mine. Ap

    • Pocket Money Polishes
      July 21, 2015

      Lol yeh I have a make up hoard which is silly as I so rarely wear makeup at the moment BUT that said, when I do wear makeup I wear it all. Thanks for the luck!

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