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My Nail Must Haves

As I head towards September I am getting ready to get back into blogging and that has meant getting my supplies in order – I have noticed I have run out of a few things or I am low on things and that has gotten me thinking about: what are my nail must haves? If you’re in ANY nail groups there are a few questions which come up a lot (see below). I have probably answered these preferences a few times on this blog over the last couple of years but I thought putting it all in once place would be really helpful. I do want to preface this by saying that all of these are my own opinion and that some products do work differently for some people.

alpine_snowBest white? OPI Alpine Snow (good alternative is Barrym Matt White but it doesn’t have that pro-wide brush and does get a bit chalker as it ages)

Best basecoat? OPI Natural Nails Base Coat – this is my holy grail basecoat, it limits staining and really improves the live of my manis (good alternative is Rimmel Nail Nurse (the whiteish formula) but it’s just not the same… you know?)

Best topcoat? HK Girl – another holy grail this is super fast drying, super glossy and the European formula is 3-free. I have never had shrinking issues either which I do know are a massive problem with the main rival Seche Vite. 

leighton-denny-crystal-nail-fileWhat about nail files? Leighton Denny Small Crystal Nail File – I haven’t HAD to rebuy this because mine is still perfect. It files nails quickly and cleanly, the tool just needs a light wash and then can be safely stowed back in its case that protects it from breaking. Perfect size to carry about with you in your bag too.

Best stamper? I am currently trying out a couple of new stampers but my current favourite is the MoYou Double Ended stamper – you need to clean using a clothes brush but it is squishy, sticky and offers two different size ends. I have never had problems with this stamper. Again I haven’t had to re-buy this item although I am tempted to buy another one so that I have too… because I am greedy like that.

Best stamping polishes? Konad Special Polish Black and Konad Special Polish White – more holy grails, these bottles do last quite a long time but I have had to buy a couple of bottles because I adore them. Opaque, crisp, reliable. These are also relatively easy to buy thanks to Amazon/Ebay and now Born Pretty Store has also started selling them. I believe these can also be bought in Sally Beauty Supply if you’re looking for a brick and mortar store.

Remover? I don’t know if this is the *best* remover but it is my personal remover of choice Boots Nail Polish Remover – I find it efficient and non-drying… and it is really cheap at just £1 (often with multi-buy offers). DO NOT buy the non-acetone version is reeks and is crap.

41SV3NO5uSL._SX425___25411.1390559853.386.513A couple of these items will be considered investment items for people on a budget but I honestly stand behind these products. Without most of them I find doing my nails to be an utter chore – nail polish popping off (bad base coat), smudged nails (slow drying top coats), flakey nails (not using my nail file) etc I’d love to hear if you have any additional questions OR your holy grail nail items.

I didn’t include any nail oils or hand moisturisers as a) I am always forgetting to use them and b) I still don’t feel like I have found THE ONE. I do quite like the Hard As Hoof Nail Cream though.


9 comments on “My Nail Must Haves

  1. Tracey
    August 20, 2015

    Nice items and welcome back 🙂

  2. MO
    August 20, 2015

    I’m using Opi natural base at the moment and couldn’t agree more – so far of all the bases it’s the best I’ve used (on the dregs of the bottle and no thickening). And HK Girl is my fave. I still need to try Alpine Snow – you’ve convinced me it’s the next white purchase x

  3. Lisa N.
    August 21, 2015

    Really great to hear all your must haves!

  4. Sasha
    August 24, 2015

    Nice to have to have you back! I really need to get Alpine Snow!

    • Pocket Money Polishes
      August 24, 2015

      Aww thank you Sasha! Yes, you do. I am in no way paid by OPI to say that but if they are reading and want to thank me… I will accept a bottle of Alpine Snow for me and my friends here 😀

  5. Catherine Dream
    September 7, 2015

    Always LOVE these posts.

    Alpine Snow, hell yeah, and HKGirl, yep 🙂

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