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A2Z Series Archive Page


 Posts every Thursday from a super talented group of bloggers, oh and me 🙂 This page will be updated on Fridays to include images and links to everyone involved. 

For a sneaky look at who is involved here check out the Meet The Bloggers (and IGers) post!  and NOW you can check out our Midway Mani Special Feature.

 Instagram A2ZNails tag – see all of the posts on instagram for this series HERE

Oct 30th 2014 Week One: A is for Angles

November 6th Week Two: B is for Bold

November 13th Week Three: C is for Copycat

November 20th Week Four: D is for Dark

November 27th Week Five: E is for Elegant

December 4th Week Six: F is for Fashion

December 11th Week Seven: G is for Gold

December 18th Week Eight H is for Holo

January 8th Week Nine I is for Inspired

January 15th Week Ten J is for Jewel

January 22nd Week Eleven K is for Kitchen Sink/Kitschy

January 29th Week Twelve L is for Lines

February 5th Week Thirteen M is for Multicolours

February 12th Week Fourteen N is for New

February 19th Week Fifteen O is for Old

February 26th Week Sixteen P is for Pale

March 5th Week Seventeen Q is for Quirky

March 12th Week Eighteen R is for Redo, Recreate, Recycle

March 19th Week Nineteen S is for Silver

March 26th Week Twenty T is for Texture

April 2nd Week Twenty One U is for Unusual

April 9th Week Twenty Two V is for Valuable

April 16th Week Twenty Three W is for Wild

 – X is for eXtra Special

– Y is for You

– Z is for ZigZags

38 comments on “A2Z Series Archive Page

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  6. Monica@theRiteofAging
    November 12, 2014

    This is really cool! Can anyone participate?

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      November 12, 2014

      Yeh – we have a group with all the details on facebook so if you drop me a message through the facebook page (PocketMoneyPolishes) I’ll invite you 😀

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