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Due to popular demand…


I am here to introduce you all to a polish I have decided to name EctoThis is a bright appley/peay/neony green filled with neon yellow, green and pink hexes. Not my normal cup of tea but it was a wonderful addition to the small collection of custom polishes made lovingly just for me by Louise from Love Nailz. I wasn’t at all convinced when there was an almost unanimous response to my previous blog saying that this should be the one I try next but you know what, you were all so right and I was wrong.


Ecto3 Please understand it is a much richer green than these pictures show but for some reason they seem to have all been a little bleached out. Three coats of this polish (although it was opacque in two). It is definitely a creamy base but you do get some glitters peeking up from previous layers which was a nice addition to the look. The green hexes were a little lost in the bright matching base but a lovely addition especially when you spot them.


This is officially my halloween polish – there is just something ghoulish about this slime green with it’s candy neon coloured flecks. I can’t believe how vibrant this colour was without a base of white. I am thinking that stamping something spooky over this in black will be just the thing when it’s the witching hour in October… what do you reckon? Honestly, Louise is a wizard, why she is selling polish supplies and is not just focusing on creating these beauties is beyond me. I am however very grateful she does sell supplies because when Glitter Babies were in their pre-natal state she had a few crucial items and was more than helpful in hooking me up with things I needed!

If you are in the United States or Canada I can highly recommend both Love Nailz polishes and supplies! Seriously, go, now, run!!! Keep an eye on the facebook page for sales and offer codes too – there are usually a few bargains to be had and who doesn’t like saving a few pennies to put towards more polish?!


3 comments on “Due to popular demand…

  1. Lisa N.
    September 11, 2013

    How awesome to hear~

  2. Catherine Dream
    October 13, 2013

    Very weird, very lovely.

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