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NailPolish.co.uk: China Glaze Sun Worshipper

Disclaimer: China Glaze Sun Worshipper was sent to me for honest review by nailpolish.co.uk (a company I have previously ordered from as a regular customer), all opinions however are my own. This post is not sponsored nor does it have affiliate links although I have included links to nailpolish.co.uk so you can easily find the site and the polishes.SunWorship1


Here we go, the second polish I was sent for review. You can see my thoughts about the company in Monday’s post HERE –  I have a lot to say about this polish and mani so want to get into it. China Glaze Sun Worshipper came out in one of the older (2010!!) neon summer collections and when I saw it on Nailpolish.co.uk I thought it would be PERFECT for halloween manis – the site has a really good selection of China Glaze and I love scrolling through and seeing older polishes. This bad boy is bright but it is also a very bad boy.


This polish has a classic tricky neon formula and it does look better over white, but you can wear alone. For my application I used two coats of white polish for an even base and then two coats of Sun WorshipperSun Worshipper is streaky and you need to work fast if you don’t want to give yourself bald spots as it does dry fairly quickly ALTHOUGH it doesn’t go un-dentable for a little while. It also dries to a semi matte finish – but this and the previously mentioned denting is easily solved with topcoat. All of these issues aside… I really like this polish. I am not very forgiving if a formula makes me work hard and I was ready to write this polish off but just look at that colour and in daylight IT GLOWWSSSS. This is not a polish I will be reaching for a lot and definitely if I don’t have to get my mani done in a hurry BUT it is a unique colour in my collection sitting right on that cross over between orange and yellow and I think that for a funky mani it is worth the effort, especially for Halloween fun. I am glad I have it 😀 if you want it you can pick it up HERE. I am considering looking into some more neons as I really don’t have any in my collection aside from the Moyra Vivid Sands – too many polishes, too little time. Has anyone else got a wishlist as long as their arm?


For my Halloween fun: I have an accent of OPI Emotions which is a textured black polish (two coats) and then I have my water spotted nails. I have not done a water spotted mani before and it really wasn’t as much of a faff as I thought it would be. I used some room temperature boiled water in the lid of my cotton bud pot which I find is perfect size and depth for marbling (see above). I added a few drops of a nails inc black into the pot and then using an old perfume from NEXT I spritzed the surface of the water – the angle, distance from the surface and amount you spray varies the spots but I think this gives a really graphic effect especially against a bright (BRIGHT) colour like Sun Worshipper. Clean up was fairly easy although I wish I had used PVA around my edges to speed it up. Finally, it was topcoat time to make everything nice and shiney. My fingers still smell slightly perfumed which I quite like and honestly compared to water marbling in general this technique is a BREEZE. Wouldd love to hear your thoughts on this polish, on neons and on this mani – so please leave me a comment below!


8 comments on “NailPolish.co.uk: China Glaze Sun Worshipper

  1. Lisa N.
    October 3, 2014

    Love the effect you got on the nails!

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      October 3, 2014

      Me too – can’t wait to try the technique again, play with colours.

      Thank you as always for your lovely comments!!

  2. bettysbeautybombs
    October 3, 2014

    Very cool results!

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